Episode Episode 33: The Dead Invaders
Alias Resuscitated Mysterious Man
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Actor Ryumei Azuma, Nobuyoshi Takemura, Hiroshi Takigawa and more

Shadowmen are, to put it bluntly, ghosts of the dead manipulated by unidentified aliens with telekinesis.

The aliens used them to steal a microfilm of secret data (specifying the locations of the worldwide TDF Bases) out of the TDF Far East Base after it was brought in from the Paris Headquarter under strict security alert.

In the first place the aliens stole the dead bodies for autopsy out of a hospital and sent them around the Base as ‘moving dead bodies.’

As soon as the bodies were recovered into the Base, their spirits started acting behind the scenes as Shadowmen.

A walking man accidentally hit by the Pointer was…

They stole the microfilm kept under lock and key and transmitted the data to the District K of Tokyo through the communication device of the Operations Room of the Base.

After rushing to the District K, the Ultra Garrison found an antenna to receive electric waves and forward them up to space.

Dan aboard the Ultra Hawk 2 found the aliens’ space station in space, and he transformed into Ultraseven when the Hawk 2 was blasted by an attack from the station.

The station captured Ultraseven and tried to take him away.

But the Ultra Hawk 1 that rushed there with the other UG members on board rescued Ultraseven.

Ultraseven left trapped, of all things, in a glass by Shadowmen in the TDF Base

Ultraseven managed to destroy the space station finally, and the crisis went away.

This is the first episode of Ultraseven featuring no alien and no monster, and, although it should be attractive enough as a sci-fi drama, I found it so unsatisfactory as a child.

As to the alien who didn’t appear at all, it seems that an alien named Alien Yuri (pronounced as yuuree) was to show up initially but it was rejected eventually while I think the alien should have appeared.

The name Yuri came from the Okinawan term meaning ghost (yurei is the Japanese equivalent),  and it’s likely that the artwork of Alien Yuri drawn by Noriyoshi Ikeya still remains unused.

The aliens’ space station trying to take Ultraseven away

2 thoughts on “SHADOWMAN”

  1. The Shadowmen episode without any aliens and monster appearing, and Seven getting stuck under a CUP so that he needed to set off the fire alarm was really weird…but it’s quite unique in all the Ultra Series

    1. Yeah, I agree. Tokusatsu shows of the time often had weird, messy or contradictory things all over (Captain Kiriyama’s weird behaviors may be a typical example…). We’re expected to enjoy them as part of the show’s attraction! 🙂

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