“Silver Kamen” Shown At The Event

Silver Kamen

Although I described the “Silver Kamen” (1971-1972) episodes screened at the event as they were directed by Akio Jissoji in my yesterday’s post, I was wrong and I have just found only Episode 1 among them was directed by him.

I guess all these episodes were shown at the event as the show “Silver Kamen” was produced while “Kodai Group” led by Jissoji played a leading role in the production.

Although “Silver Kamen” initially started as a show featuring the human-sized hero through Episode 10, it was converted into “Silver Kamen Giant” after that in which the giant version of Siver Kamen appeared instead (he was set to have become a giant accidentally exposing himself to a large amount of photon energy).

The human-sized hero did not manage to gain enough popularity as the show aired along with the Tsuburaya-produced “MIrrorman” (1971-1972) broadcast in the competing timeslot.

And Jissoji and Kodai Group withdrew from the Senkosha-produced show at that time showing disagreement toward easily making a giant hero appear so as to attract viewers’ attention as Jissoji believed featuring the human-sized “non-superhero” with no particular weapons or abilities except bare hand fight should be the integral part of the show.

So the show gives us an utterly different impression between the episodes featuring the human-sized version and the giant version although the conversion got to make the show win popularity.

In this light, I think we were fully able to enjoy the unique features of the Silver Kamen episodes typical of the human-sized version in which the protagonists Kasuga brothers (one of them changes into Silver Kamen) continued to be chased by aliens over the hidden blueprint of the photon rocket engines invented by their father who was killed by an alien.

Silver Kamen fighting with Alien Tigris along with Kasuga brothers who cooperate with him. Saburo Shinoda who played Kotaro Higashi in “Ultraman Tarou” was one of Kasuga brothers (rightmost among them)

4 thoughts on ““Silver Kamen” Shown At The Event”

  1. Back then I read and practiced how to draw Silver Kamen from the comicbook. After tried to search for the artist who drew silver kamen comic that I have read when I was young, Now I know he is Imamichi Eiji (今道英治). I think his silver kamen artwork is very excellent. His Silver kamen action is full of dynamic.

    1. What a nice-looking Silver Kamen illustration! I didn’t know anything about Eiji Imamichi, but I have found he also drew manga versions of anime and tokusatsu products including Great Mazinger. According to the information I found online, he was a disciple of Mikiya Mochizuki (望月三起也) who was known as a popular manga artist in my childhood.

      I definitely like this type of manga illustration that evokes a feeling of nostalgia with thick and clear lines and sharp black and white contrast as I think these features are totally different from today’s manga artists whose style is more fashionable.
      Many thanks!

  2. Silver Kamen is one of my favorite character, though I remembered only a few about the series when it first broadcasted. But I still remembered the first time I saw his picture on comic book cover that I borrowed from my friend, I think he is very looking good. His suit, especialy the helmet is so cool. In addition to the mask,The suit actor had a beautiful lip and chin.

    1. What a large collection of old materials you have! That tells me you are an enthusiastic Japanese tokusatsu fan!
      I find this material so precious as it has the primary version of Mirrorman designed before being actually produced and aired on the cover!
      I remember, as I was familiar with the primary Mirrorman covered in a magazine for kids back then, I was surprised to see Mirrorman who totally looked different appear in the show!
      Thank you for sharing this!

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