Episode Episode 34: “A Gift from the Sky”
Alias Megaton Monster
Height 60 m
Weight 200,000 t
Emergence Harumi Pier
Homeplace Unknown
Features Heavy; breathing out fire; staying asleep with a loud snore
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Eiichi Matsushima

I have to tell you beforehand this episode featuring Skydon is a comical one along with the following episode having Seabose in it.

Skydon is an odd monster which is just heavy.

Yes. Just heavy.

One day it came flying together with a giant light ball from the sky and fell down to the ground at Harumi pier of Tokyo Port all of a sudden.

It’s a monster exactly like a bolt from the blue.


And it does nothing in particular except breathing out fire and staying asleep snoring loudly for the rest of time.

Weighing as much as 200,000 tons, it’s heavy enough to collapse the ground when moving.

Even Ultraman was unable to lift it up.

As all Ultraman’s punching attacks from a mount position had no effect on the monster, and his attempt to pull its tail left it utterly unmoved.

It made even mighty Ultraman withdraw temporarily.

The SSSP carried out operations one after another to desert the heavy monster far into space.

They vainly tried to make it fly into the sky with wires from the VTOLs, by an auto gyro and by a rocket shot into it.

Though they finally succeeded in making it fly away by filling it with helium like a balloon, it was mistakenly shot by a fighter of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force unaware of the case. (Could it happen?)

As the SSSP members were informed of the accident when eating curry and rice, it’s well known that Hayata mistakenly raised a spoon instead of Beta Capsule for transformation.

When falling back from the sky again, Skydon was smashed into pieces in a mid-air head-on collision with Ultraman who came flying from below vertically.


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