Space Monsters of “Ultraman”

Dorako (Episode 25)

Besides monsters living on Earth, several space monsters appear in “Ultraman.”

The spearheading one is Bemlar (Bemular) appearing in Episode 1.

Initially, Ultraman came to Earth chasing Bemlar which he says in the drama is a monster like a devil disturbing the peace of space.

Though it’s not necessarily mentioned, it is said Antler is also a monster from space originally.


Dorako (Dorako) flies to Earth from Comet Cyphon when the comet approaches Earth with the possibility of collision.

Keylla (Episode 38)

Keylla is a monster inhabiting Planet Q along with Saigo.

Probably because of its somber look, Saigo is a pitiful monster which is scarcely remembered.

And what stands out most is Zetton appearing in the last episode of “Ultraman.”

As a child, I found it great shakes when it’s called Space Dinosaur instead of Space Monster while it doesn’t look like a dinosaur at all.


Saigo (same as above)

Though it’s not mentioned why it’s called dinosaur, it struck a chord of children at the time.

According to one explanation, Tohl Narita designed Zetton as an alien manipulating a monster.

And the monster planned to appear in the last episode was Saigo.

Now that it’s mentioned, a pair of the molds on their faces have a similarity.

Zetton is named after the last letter of the alphabet, and “saigo” means “final” in Japanese.

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