Spacium Kosen (beam)

Spacium Kosen toward Bemular (Episode 1)

Ultraman uses a variety of beam shots fighting with Kaijyu.

The optical SFX is one of the attractive points with Ultra.

It makes us feel as if we see a sharp edge of Samurai’s Japanese sword.

Ultraman’s often used finishing shot is Spacium Kosen (beam).

The term derives from the conbination of “space” and “ium” for an element.

Baltan-seijin (Episode 2)

The previously mentioned Bemular was  finished by Spacium Kosen (Episode 1).

Next, it was used for Baltan-seijin (Alien Baltan) in Episode 2.

Baltan came to Earth searching the place for migration because their planet was destroyed.

Hayata talked with Arashi possessed by Baltan.

Hayata suggested Baltan go to Mars instead of Earth.

Baltan insists on Earth and says, “Earth is ours.”

“Spacium Kosen, isn’t it? Cap.” delighted Fuji (center) with Cap. Muramatsu (left) and Hoshino (Episode 2)

Cap. Muramatsu noticed Baltan dislikes Spacium existing on Mars (in the story).

Great! Cap.

Fuji asked Muramatsu how they could get it.

Muramatsu said “he” may have it available.

Fuji asked,”He? Who is it, Cap.?”

Baltan and Ultraman had aerial battles.

Landing on the ground, Ultraman shot a beam with his arms crossed at the flying Baltan.

Baltan fell on the ground burning.

Looking at it, Muramatsu groaned, “Just as I thought…!”

Fuji said to Muramatsu with excitement.

“Spacium Kosen, isn’t it? Cap.”

That was the first time the term was used in the episodes.

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  1. The book Ultraman Research Guide (Urutoraman Kenkyu Tokuhon) says that it was director Toshihiro Iijima who combined the “space” and “cium” to get the name of the beam! This was very clever. There are some Ultraman books that also say that the Ultra Slash (when he throws the cutting rings) are made of Spacium.

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