Beautiful Spacium pose with “Ki”

Ultraman shooting Spacium Beam toward Kaijyu Bullton (Episode 17)

Deciding the pose of Spacium Kosen (beam) is said to have required a lot of task.

It is only natural, I think.

As it is the first TV Tokusatsu featuring such a giant hero, “Ultraman” had to go through series of trials and errors.

Just like going on trackless roads.

According to Satoshi Furuya’s memoir, all the details about Ultraman such as posing for Spacium Kosen remained undecided when the shooting of “Ultraman” got started.

When the style was decided, Tishihiro Iijima (director), Koichi Takano (SFX director) and Minoru Nakano (optical shooting engineer) discussed and gave Mr. Furuya advice.

Lots of Ultraman’s posing seem to come from Japanese martial arts.

Mr. Furuya was training Karate at Toho (movie company) and Mr. Iijima has a knowledge of Japanese martial arts.

The horizontal arm in the Spacium pose means defense and the vertical one means attack.

That was what Mr. Iijima explained to Mr. Furuya.

Mr. Kono and Mr. Nakano advised him not to hide the Color Timer or not to move the crossed arms for the optical shooting.

Mr. Furuya says he practiced the Spacium pose 300 times every night at home.

Mr. Furuya’s Spacium pose is really beautiful.

I feel “Ki” (vital energy) throughout the fingertips with the curved fingers of the left hand.

Toru Narita (Ultraman designer) also admired Mr. Furuya’s Spacium pose, saying he feels like watching a beautiful sculpture.

I really agree.

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