Spiegel & Ultra Hawk 1

I hear that Tsuburaya Productions’ preparation for “Ultra Seven” got started near the end of “Ultraman.”

But, as posted previously, as the Ultra Series broadcast by TBS, Toei’s “Captain Ultra” came in between.

I knew that the early Ultra Series included “Captain Ultra.”

And  I did watch and enjoyed it in those days as a child.

But I thought that it was between “Ultra Q” and “Ultraman” when it was broadcast.


One reason is that both “Ultra Q” and “Captain Ultra” had no Ultra hero, just humans fight against monsters.

Another reason is…

I don’t mean to be rude to Toei Company, but I found it quite unlikely that “Captain Ultra” was a product which came after “Ultraman.”

The quality of Tsuburaya’s SFX stood out so much.

I also think that the designing by Tohl Narita for the Ultra Series played an important role in making the Tsuburaya’s products look more sophisticated.


Be that as it may, I remember I enjoyed “Captain Ultra” as well doubtlessly.

It’s likely that “Ultra Seven” was initially planned as a space opera product like “Captain Ultra” with a provisional title of “Ultra Garrison” without no appearance of an Ultra hero like Ultraman.

Spiegel, the spaceship driven by Captain Ultra, separates into three parts each of which flies individually.

The concept was taken over to Ultra Hawk 1 appearing in “Ultra Seven” which also separates into three fighters.

(The photos are the ones of the toys I found on the Web.)

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