STAR BEM GYERON (making) #1

Star Bem Gyeron design drawn by Tohl Narita

Tohl Narita: “This is a kaiju that has metallic wings.”

While Narita’s description of Star Bem Gyeron is so much simple that it might indicate he was not emotionally attached to the kaiju that much although it was so impressive for us as a tragic kaiju along with Jamyra who appeared in Ultraman.

It is also interesting that Gyeron is the only kaiju in the original Ultra Series who bears the title “Seijū (stellar beast),” while it seems to be translated as “Star Bem,” corresponding to “Seijin (stellar human)” that is the regular title for alien characters in the series.

Star Bem Gyeron at Ryosaku Takayama’s Atelier May

Although I had an impression that Gyeron was a sharp-looking kaiju, when taking a second look at the design by Narita, it makes me aware that it had a shape that was quite different from real-life creatures while it could be another example where Narita tried to hide the human body shape not to make it look like someone just wearing the costume.

It is said that real metal plates were used for the blade-like parts of its head and wings, and, while the costume was sculpted by Ryosaku Takayama, I think the look of its face with the slanting eyes as if expressing hatred and hostility of the stellar beast whose home was destroyed by the earthlings is excellent.

It is intriguing to find an enlarged eye added to the side of Gyeron in the drawing, which could show Natita might have been particular about how it should look.

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