STAR BEM GYERON (making) #2

According to Tetsuo Yamamura, the costume was found painted light purple (fuji-iro=wisteria color) when it was delivered to the set, and he says it was very much beautiful.  He states the repainting work was done by the staff from the art section of Tsuburaya Productions as repainting often happened to kaiju costumes delivered to the studio.

The set where Gyeron appeared with flowers in bloom all over the field and a stream meant to be a river flowing was fantastic, and I am fully aware that the use of the fluffy stuff coming out of the wing torn off the body was a considerate arrangement not to show blood to kid viewers along with the yellow blood spewing out of the kaiju’s throat cut by Ultraseven with Eye Slugger held in his hand that looked different from real blood.

I do love Uenishi Seven as much as Furuya Ultraman!

Nevertheless, the scene of having Ultraseven tear off Gyeron’s wing could have been too cruel, and there seem to have been some children who thought along with the sympathy they felt for the stellar beast, “Oh, stop it, Seven! That’s enough!”

I myself find the scene a bit repulsive when I watch it now, but this episode featuring Gyeron is very much thought-provoking at any rate, and it could be one of the reasons that “Ultraseven” is often described as the series “worthy of appreciation by adults” although I personally don’t like this hackneyed Japanese cliche very much (also wondering if it makes sense in English) as I heartily admire Tohl Narita’s attitude while he put it as “the show to be watched by children makes the work even harder because you can’t fool them.”

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  1. I own the U.S. DVD release of the Japanese series (and have watched it quite a few times!), and recently have found someone made HD versions of the ‘American’ broadcast edited version on youtube (The 8,000 Megaton Mistake). I’ve always like this episodes story, and the design of Star Bem Gyeron (with his ‘dance’ at the ruins site, and then later resurrection). I have a Bandai figure version, which is very much like the show’s design, and another from the Manga ‘Marmit’ release, which changes his wing design, but very much still is Star Bem Gyeron!

    1. Oh, I see. It’s new for me to learn there is such a difference between the Japanese and US versions!
      As always, your collection is fabulous, and I find the Marmit Gyeron looks so attractive in its own way with a new interpretation of the joints of the wings. And I recognize the Kuwata version Ultraseven behind it and I believe it should be Red Baron to the right! You’re an amazing collector by my standards!

  2. I’ve recently watched the American cut of this episode, and while the voice acting is fantastic and full of personality, the fight is edited so that as soon as Seven gains the upper hand, it’s over. Having seen the uncut fight on youtube, I can understand why they cut it.
    Here’s a thing I noticed: in the 19th episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion, the Eva 01 fights brutally against an enemy by the river, maiming it and tearing its limbs apart. The final shot of the fight is identical to the final shot of Seven’s fight, except the river is filled with blood instead of fluff. You can find this scene on the internet.
    And yes Booska-san, Western fans do say silly things like that.

    1. Thank you for the information pointing out the association between the Gyeron episode and Eva.
      I hope to take a look at it if time allows.
      It is a bit disappointing to hear the same cliche is referred to even outside of Japan…

      By the way, RT says he likes your kaiju design! Did you see his comment?

      1. Thank you for informing me! I’ll go see it now. In any case I hope one day you’ll be able to watch Eva, because it truly is a better Ultraman series than the ones Tsuburaya is putting out. It’s absolutely not an easy one to get into, but I think it really pays off at the end. And the director really loves Showa stuff, so you know he’s coming from a good place!

  3. Gyeron’s episode is actually a nice masterpiece if we take time to appreciate it though it might be weird for children watching to tell whether Gyeron was really in the wrong and if Seven’s violence to the monster was justifiable actually. The episode shows the great effort they put into the plot even when it’s for kids.

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