Episode Episode 26: Super Weapon R-1
Alias Regeneration Monster
Height 50 meters
Weight 35,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Gyeron
Features See below
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Kunio Suzuki

Star Bem Gyeron is the space monster which came flying to Earth from Planet Gyeron.

That was a planet chosen as the testing site for the Super Weapon R-1 that the TDF developed to make it capable to attack an invaders’ planet directly.

The completion of the R-1 was also expected to intimidate invaders by showing Earth has the super weapon.

The experiment succeeded and Planet Gyeron got blasted to space dust.

In prior research the planet was deemed to be a lifeless planet similar to Venus in environment, but IT was there.


It’s assumed that the radioactivity caused by the explosion may have mutated a peaceful creature living on Planet Gyeron into the formidable space monster.

Star Bem Gyeron raged breathing out radioactive gas with bloodshot eyes as if it’s taking revenge on earthlings.

It has regeneration ability and, although it got blasted into pieces with the new type bombs dropped from the Hawk 3, it revived overnight after the pieces got together.

The head and wings have sharp edges cutting well, and they are robust enough to bounce back Eye Slugger.

It also fires a ring-like beam from between both hands which damaged Ultraseven’s right hand.


After a fierce fight Ultraseven finished off the monster by cutting the arteria carotis with Eye Slugger.

Learning a lesson from Star Bem Gyeron, the further development of the super weapon was cancelled.

Dan referred to the arms race between earthlings and aliens he expected as ‘a sad marathon you continue vomiting blood.’

Even as a child this episode was so impressive along with Dan’s line, and  I found the sinless monster so pathetic.

Incidentally, the squirrel that appeared in this episode was the one that had been privately kept as a pet by Tetsuo Yamamura, who played Gander, and given over to an employee of the Tsuburaya Productions together with the cage.


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