Statue of Man 1

Statues of Man, Seven and Human (a hero’s name) by Tohl Narita

A while ago, I watched a TV program titled “Statue of Man.”

It’s about Tohl Narita and his sculpture of Ultraman he made in 1987, 20 years after the broadcasting of “Ultraman.”

I was very much pleased to see Mr. Narita featured in a TV program as I think it’s a rare case.

The TV program was quite well-made.

I think it offered a good opportunity for more people to learn more about Mr. Narita who designed the great national hero which I believe is a great achievement.


It features his three principles of monster design and so on properly as well, and it also has Satoshi (Bin) Furuya who played Ultraman, and Mrs. Narita appear.

“(Mr. Narita said,) ‘As it’s a program for children, as children watch it, it’s a big thing. 

I should never approach it in a halfhearted manner.’

He had it firmly in himself a program for children is a far bigger thing than the one for adults.”

That’s what Mrs. Narita says.


Statue of Man

The program also shows Mr. Narita, aged 58 then, videotaped in life.

“It took pains how to give a feeling of vitality (to Ultraman) while simplifying (the design).” he says.

It is explained Mr. Narita said:

“We can’t allow ourselves to broadcast something unhealthy and unpleasant saying, ‘Please watch.

Those who do such a thing are unqualified as an adult.” 

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