Statue of Man 3

“Incarnation of truth, justice and beauty” painted by Tohl Narita

It was explained the color timer was attached later against Mr. Narita’s will for dramatic impact.

“Ultraman is completed by my design and leaves no room for additional touches.”

The program tells us Mr. Narita said so.

Mr. Narita’s sculptures were also shown.

He attracted attention as an up-and-coming sculptor before joining Ultra.

But it’s hard to make a living as a sculptor and he entered the field of film making.


Human Fossil  With Wings

And then he was invited to Tsuburaya.

“Hanging sculpture in the corner of my mind all the time, I haven’t been able to sculpt for the last four years.”

He made a sculpture titled “Human Fossil With Wings” in 1971, three years after he resigned Tsuburaya.

It is a human figure with hard wings which won’t make it possible to fly out any more.

Something like his scream of soul strikes my heart.


Statue of Man

But he stopped exhibiting his work ever since in despair with the art world which makes a lion of just showy works.

“(Mr. Narita was) a person with purity of soul.”

Mrs. Narita’s remark makes me guess he should be so.

The program also introduced Mr. Narita’s remark as below:

“It is my pleasure children walk holding the miniature of a monster I designed in their arms.”

It ends with the narration admiring Ultraman as the everlasting hero and immortal art.

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