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While Tohl Narita got involved in the production of Ultra Q as the kaiju designer, it’s not that he got to design any monsters he liked all the time.

I assume that the hectic shooting schedules in the later stages of each series might have, conversely, enabled him to design monsters of his own accord to some extent.

Because, presumably, they couldn’t afford to spend a great deal of time discussing the issues on kaijus carefully though it’s just my guess.

Garamon drawn by Tohl Narita (from his art book)

In the early stages, however, directors’ intentions appear to have been reflected rather strongly in producing kaijus.

As to Garamon and the SFX director Toru Matoba for the episode, for example, some of Matoba’s ideas are likely to have been incorporated into the meteorite monster.

While it’s known that Narita designed Garamon’s face after a fish such as a species called kochi shown from the front in a photo by attaching a dog-like nose to it, it’s also explained that a photo of kasago was shown by Matoba to Narita.


Matoba seemingly states that he applied unique movements to Garamon after behavioral gestures performed by a popular baseball player, Shoichi Kaneda, back then.

According to Tetsuo Kinjo, the main screenwriter of the series, in his writing, he initially came up with an idea featuring a skeleton-like kaiju for the episode.

The skeleton-like features found in the shape of Garamon’s hands, legs and tail should be the traces of the idea.

It’s now well known among fans that Alien Baltan was designed by Narita in accordance with the requests made by Toshihiro Iijima (director) to apply nippers to Cecadahuman as I posted before.

Kasago,  the same species as scorpion fish (How lovely!)

2 thoughts on “Stories About Garamon”

  1. Ah, I didn’t know these things. In my paper I wrote that Garamon looks very much like a fish called Inimicus japonicus, which is a species that bears spines similar in shape to Garamon’s spikes, but I must have guessed wrong 😅 Also, I would like to hear your opinion on this: Garamon kinda looks like a daruma doll, to me! Do you think the producers ever thought about making such a reference, or am I looking into it too much?

    1. Never mind, as long as it’s a fish, it’s no big deal. 🙂
      As I added to my post, kasago is a species of scorpion fish, and I find it’s similar to the one you mentioned.

      As to the Daruma thing, though I don’t think their connection has ever been referred to, I think it’s an interesting viewpoint I have never come up with.
      Come to think of it, they appear to have something in common.

      I find it fun! Thanks a lot!

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