Story about legendary Bisen

Telesdon shot in front of the corrugated iron wall of Bisen

As posted before, the early Ultra Series were shot in a place called “Tokyo Bijutsu Center” abbreviated as “Bisen.”

It’s said that Akira Sasaki  who sculpted the mask of Ultraman and Ultra Seven also had an allotted atelier there at the time besides his private home atelier.

The masks were made in his private one, and Tohl Narita, designer, used to live nearby.


Mr. Narita is likely to have dropped by at Mr. Sasaki’s atelier on his way home to check the sculping of the mask.

Getting back to talking about Bisen, it’s known that it was a studio complex possessed by Toho Company and built in 1962 and existed up to 2008 for filming of movies and TV programs, located in Setagaya, Tokyo.


Tokyo Bijutsu Center was renamed and reinforced as “Toho Built” in 1973, and the later Ultra Series were shot there as well.

According to the actors involved at the time, the shooting of the early Ultra Series was made in sizzling heat of summer and freezing cold of winter in the shabby studios with the corrugated iron roof.

You can see the SSSP and Ultra Garrison members let out the steam of breath in their control or command room on the cutting edge in some of the episodes.

Dorako same as above (The right hand was replaced by the sickle-shaped one like the left hand later for filming)

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