Episode Episode 23: Fury of the South Sea
Alias Giant Octopus
Height 100 meters (tentacle length: 200 meters)
Weight 30,000 tons
Homeplace Compass Island
Features Living in the water called the Sea of Death
Sculptor Remodeled from the giant octopus used in ‘Frankenstein vs. Baragon’; Ryosaku Takayama (a giant tentacle)
Actor None (puppet and live octopus with scenes partly diverted from ‘King Kong vs. Godzilla’)

Sudar is a giant octopus living in the sea of Compass Island located in the Pacific Ocean.

It sank fishing vessels passing in the waters nearby by coiling around them with its tentacles like legendary Kraken while the seas were called ‘Sea of Death’ by residents of the island.

Although Sudar was a monster that had caused human casualties among the residents, it had been deemed as a guardian of the island that protected it from enemies from outside at the same time.

Sudar also attacked and sank a Japanese fishing vessel passing through the sea area while a young fisherman Yuji (Akira Kubo) survived the disaster alone with the other crew members including his father killed.

Anita and Yuji taking the lead in fighting against Sudar as their beloved family members were killed by the monster

Yuji was saved by Anita (Noriko Takahashi), a young woman of Compass Island, when he was drifted ashore on the beach and swore revenge on Sudar while learning that Anita’s father and elder brother were also killed by the monster.

And the UN fighter squadron went into action at the request of Manjome and Ippei who accompanied Yuriko visiting the island for news gathering of the Sea of Death.

After Sudar was driven off its habitat by the fighters’ attacks and landed on the island, it was beaten by people who joined forces in fighting against the giant octopus with spears and rifles while a man was strangled to death by a tentacle.

With Sudar wiped off, Yuji decided to live with the people including Anita on the island where peace was restored.

This episode seems to have been produced on the premise of making the giant octopus used in Toho movies appear on TV.

Yuji and Anita seeing off Manjome and the others about to leave Compass Island

2 thoughts on “SUDAR”

  1. It’s funny to see Tsuburaya bringing back what he liked doing best with Toho, like Kong (in the form of Goro), Godzilla (Gomess) and the giant octopus. Being able to make such a personal work as Ultra Q must have been a great joy to him.

    1. Although they may be kaijus who keep a low profile compared with full-fledged Ultra kaijus designed by Tohl Narita (while I have to admit Bostang was a bit disappointing), they are also unforgettable monsters for those who enjoyed watching the shows as a kid like me.
      I hope you like them as well!

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