Episode Episode 8: “The Wild Monster Zone”
Alias Mysterious Plant
Height 100 m (328.1 ft)
Weight 8 t (17,640 lb)
Emergence Tatarajima Island
Homeplace Tatarajima Island
Features Attacking humans
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Unknown
Actor None

If you happen to know Suflan (Sufuran), you should be an ardent fan of Ultra or monsters.

It’s set to be a blood-sucking carnivorous plant species which captures prey with its long vine-like strip-shaped leaves winding around victims.

It doesn’t move around and just attacks humans who come close in the drama.

A Tatarajima Island Observatory member is assumed to have lost his life attacked by Suflan.


The SSSP members Fuji and Ide were wound up by the killer leaves.

Arashi burnt the leaves off with flames spewed out of his Spider Shot to rescue the two.

The same species appeared in Episode 26 of “Ultraman” as a carnivorous plant on Johnson Island where the ancient monster Gomora was discovered alive.

The one in Episode 26 is also described as Suflan II in publication.


Incidentally a species looking like Suflan also appeared in Episode 18 of “Ultra Seven.”

This species inhabits Area X created in midair by Alien Bell.

There seems to be a monster guide which describes it as Space Suflan.

But, given “Ultraman” and “Ultra Seven” are originally separate products unrelated to each other with different settings depicting different worlds, I assume the one of “Ultra Seven” is not Suflan.

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