Suit actor as the true vocation


Tetsuso Yamamura says he loves monster suits very much and loves to be called suit actor.

He states positively suit acting is his true vocation.

According to him, Koji Uenishi, actor for Ultra Seven, was someone who played for keeps and never pulled punches.

Gander appearing in “Showdown at 140 Degrees Below Zero” (“Ultra Seven” Episode 25) was played by Mr. Yamamura.

And the space monster is defeated by Ultra Seven quite easily.


Alien Prote

It’s because Koichi Takano, SFX director, took account of the possibility that then young Mr. Yamamura might get severely injured in the fight scene with Mr. Uenishi.

Mr. Yamamura says  Mr. Takano was so kind and gentle.

Satoshi (Bin) Furuya, actor for Ultraman, says the same thing.

In “Ultra Seven,” Mr. Yamamura also played Alien Prote (Episode 29) and Dally (Episode 31) besides Gander.



In later years, Mr. Yamamura played lots of monsters for the Tsuburaya products.

Both Mr. Yamamura and Akihide Tsuzawa, who played Shonen Hoshino in “Ultraman,” are the precious witnesses of the early Ultra who watched the production set exactly from the same perspective as us at the time.

Mr. Yamamura says in a talk with Mr. Tsuzawa for a book like this:

“We are happy as we could be with Tsuburaya of that time.”

I wish they turn their experiences into a book anew!!!

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