Suit Actors On Location Shooting

Kaiju actors on horseback

Continuing to talk about Episode 11: Fly to Devil’s Mountain, it is noteworthy that the half-naked cowboy found dead was performed by Koji Uenishi.

As you know, he was the original actor who played Ultraseven, and the other cowboys were acted by the suit actors for monsters as well.

According to Kazuho Mitsuta who directed this episode, he wanted to have actors who were capable to ride horses and that’s why they were chosen for the roles of the cowboys.

Koji Uenishi

Also, the location shooting may have been meant to be a reward for their hard work while regularly struggling in the costumes drenched with sweat on the set, which is literally for a change of place.

Such an arrangement seems to have been made a couple of times.

In Episode 10 of UltramanThe Mysterious Dinosaur Base featuring Jirass, Satoshi (Bin) Furuya, the original actor for Ultraman, went on an overnight location trip to Izu together with the cast and crew members of the drama part.

Bin Furuya (right)

This episode was also directed by Kazuho Mitsuta.

Furuya also played the role of a clerk who appeared fleetingly in a scene of the hotel  where the SSSP members were set to have stayed.

Furuya says he was delighted to play the role of a human instead of Ultraman at that time though he was unsatisfied with the brief appearance.

As it was July 17, 1966 when Episode 1 of Ultraman was to be aired, Furuya says in his memoir all the crew and cast members enjoyed watching it together with excitement in front of the color television in the hotel.

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