Super Hero Actors: Why Do They Look So Young?

When it comes to talking a bit more about Bin Furuya and Hiroshi Fujioka I previously posted as they are those who played the super heroes, the original Ultraman and the original Kamen Rider respectively, it comes as a surprise to see them look so young for their age although Furuya’s birth year is 1943 and Fujioka’s 1946.

While I say Fujioka played the hero, it is widely known that he acted the Kamen Rider for real wearing the costume in the primary episodes before Fujioka got severely injured in a motorcycle accident which took place during the shooting and suit actors started acting the hero alternately instead of him.

Is there any secret of performances with hero costumes worn that made them look so young? Because he is from Land of Light or a cyborg built by the evil secret organization Shocker? (No way!)

I think the secret could be that they are the type of people who have something to dream of without giving it up no matter how old they get.

Needless to say, it doesn’t mean immaturity. It is known they are sort of men of self-discipline to remain a role model as those who played a hero never to shatter children’s dreams as Fujioka still practices martial arts he has allegedly trained since childhood.

While Furuya describes himself as a man in perpetual pursuit of dreams, they should have the best self they want to be/remain in mind.

It is amazing to find Furuya wore the Ultraman costume in front of audience at the age of 70 and Fujioka played Kamen Rider 1 in its latest movie even wearing the costume (not throughout the movie though I haven’t seen the product).

At any rate, it makes me happy to see them remain young and vigorous as a former kid who enjoyed watching them act the super heroes in my childhood while the two characters now represent Japanese tokusatsu heroes.

I wish them good health and every success in life.

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