Super heroes of Takeda Hour

Silver Kamen

Gekko Kamen is said to have been Japan’s first television series and the origin of products featuring a modern superhero.

The hero’s motto was “Never hate, never kill and forgive a sin.” and he never killed bad guys.

It seems to have been so popular among kids at the time though it’s before I was born.

Silver Kamen Giant

It’s impressive to learn that Ultraman was exactly the successor to Gekko Kamen as a superhero in a way given it was broadcast in the same Takeda Hour.

As to Takeda Hour, the product I remember is Ultra Series including Captain Ultra, Kaiki Daisakusen (Tsuburaya product with no superhero), Judo Icchokusen (judo drama), Silver Kamen and Iron King.

After Tsuburaya Productions got out of the hour leaving its immortal masterpieces behind (seemingly because of cost issues), Senkosha company which brought out Gekko Kamen produced two other SFX superheroes which are Silver Kamen (Silver Mask) and Iron King.

Iron King

The people who left Tsuburaya Productions also took part in these two.

The design work was done by Noriyoshi Ikeya who was the successor to Tohl Narita in designing Ultra monsters (aliens) for the latter half of “Ultra Seven.”

Silver Kamen and Iron King, both of which were designed by Mr. Ikeya based on western armors look similar.

They are attractive in a different way from Ultra heroes.

I hope to talk about them sometime later.

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