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Episode Episode 38: “The Spaceship Rescue Command”
Alias Heat and Light Monster
Height 40 m
Weight 20,000 t
Emergence Planet Q
Homeplace Planet Q
Features Blinding flashlight from the big eyes; invulnerable to Ultra Slash and Spaceum Beam
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Haruo Nakajima

Keylla is a space monster dwelling on Planet Q to which humans sent a space probe named Prospector.

It emits such an intense flashlight from the big eyes as to blind people temporarily who have looked at it.

Besides the eyes, it’s characterized by the slated, segmented body like a sea slater and the face which makes us imagine a longicorn beetle.


It went into battle with Saigo, another monster living on Planet Q.

Although the big-eyed monster was almost overwhelmed by Saigo initially, the eye flash caused Saigo to run away into underground.

Contrary to appearances, Keylla is such a strong monster that the Needle S80, (as always) new weapon invented and developed by Ide, Ultra Slash and Spaceum Beam had no effect on it.

But it’s often the case with Ultraman that he uses a technique unseen before all of a sudden in such a critical situation.

Needle S80 held by Hayata
Needle S80 held by Hayata

Keylla was hurled into space by Ultra Psychokinesis and exploded eventually.

Although I think it’s an attractive monster with the characteristic big eyes, along with the darkness of Plant Q, it is regrettable Keylla was not such an impressive monster somehow.

But the story of this episode depicting the activities of the SSSP on another planet in space is much fun.

Ultra Psychokinesis

NELONGA (making #2)


For Satoshi (Bin) Furuya, the original Ultraman actor, Haruo Nakajima who played Nelonga was a senior fellow as both of them were actors belonging to Toho Company.

The battling scenes with the veteran kaiju actor seems to have been tough and requiring.

Furuya states in his memoir, every time he was asked which kaiju was toughest to beat, he would answer it was Mr. Nakajima.


The mechanism to make the translucent horn glow with a light moving from bottom to top inside was the work of Shigeo Kurakata who was in charge of mechanisms.

He says the antennas which turn forward when emitting electric shock were not his work.

He assumes it was manipulated by piano strings manually on the set.


Tohl Narita stated in his art book that he wanted to make a typical four-footed monster and that he added a pattern of stripes like a tiger to make it look more colorful (photo C).

In a well-known still photo for promotion having Ultraman, Alien Baltan and Nelonga, the suit of Nelonga seems to be unfinished.

Tohl Narita's art work of Nelonga (close-up)
Tohl Narita’s art work of Nelonga (close-up)

It didn’t have the tiger pattern on the back with no antennas on the head yet as shown in photo A, B and D. (In addition, the eyes of Ultraman seem to have no eye holes yet, either.)

Incidentally, Tohl Narita’s art work of Nelonga has no antennas, so they must have been added to the suit just before the shooting.

Tohl Narita’s art work of Nelonga

NELONGA (making #1)

Still photo for promotion of the time on the set of the Third Heat Power Plant

Nelonga‘s suit was the one remodeled from Pagos of Ultra Q.

Initially Pagos’ suit was remodeled from Baragon which was a Toho monster lent out to the Tsuburaya Productions.

The head of Baragon was replaced by that of Pagos for Ultra Q, and then Nelonga for Ultraman.

Nelonga’s suit was also converted into Magulla and Gavora of Ultraman later.


Therefore the body of all these monsters remained the same as Baragon with the characteristic fins on the back though the black spines covering Magulla’s back made the fins invisible.

It was described in the past that the head of Nelonga was sculpted by Akira Sasaki known as the sculptor for the masks of Ultraman and Ultra Seven.

But he himself admits he doesn’t remember it, so it was possibly sculpted by someone else.


All these monsters above were played by Haruo Nakajima, the original Godzilla actor, who states the monster suits for TV products were too light for him.

Baragon was made by the Toho SFX Art crew to make it fit Nakajima, and I guess that’s why he played all the monsters above.

Tetsuo Yamamura says the inside of the suit had urethane just exposed unlike Takayama-made suits covered with cloth inside and that the suit was so heavy in weight.


Alien Baltan III

Alien Mefilas is said to have Alien Baltan, Alien Zarab and Kemur  under his control.

Mefilas had these aliens come up to show his strength saying he’s capable of making them go on a rampage anytime if he should tell them to do so.

As they disappeared soon without doing anything, it remains unknown if these aliens were real ones or just insubstantial images Mefilas created as a bluff.

Alien Zarab II

Alien Baltan (III) has the same appearance as Alien Baltan (II), not the first Baltan,  just with a slight difference in color.

Alien Zarab (II) is also painted a bit differently from the first one.

Kemur (II) is the same alien as the one appearing in “Ultra Q.”

Kemur’s body looks different from the first Kemur with a different painting.

He looks better built than the first one who looked so thin as the latter was played by Satoshi (Bin) Furuya. the original Ultraman actor.

Kemur II

The reappearance of these three aliens as servants under Mefilas had a great impact on us kids at the time anyway.

As to the actors:

Baltan III: Hakuyoji Watanabe

Zarab II: Unknown

Kemur II: It’s said to be played by Haruo Nakajima, the original Godzilla actor, but it’s not mentioned in the book “‘MR. GODZILLA’ HARUO NAKAJIMA.” 



Episode Episode 10: “The Mysterious Dinosaur Base”
Alias Frilled Dinosaur
Height 45 m (147.6 ft)
Weight 20,000 t (44,090,000 lb)
Emergence Lake Kitayama (fictional)
Homeplace Loch Ness
Features Breathing out heat ray
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Akira Sasaki (frill)
Actor Haruo Nakajima

Jirass (pronounced as Jiraasu in Japanese) is a biped monster with an appearance like frilled Godzilla.

It’s set to have been a remaining dinosaur originally which was discovered alive by Dr. Nakamura at Loch Ness well known for Loch Ness Monster (Nessie) in Japan as well.

Dr. Nakamura secretly brought it back to Japan and reared it in a local lake for 15 years.

Dr. Nakamura nicknamed as Dr. Monster was a suspicious-looking scientist whose real identity was Prof. Nikaido who went missing at Loch Ness 15 years ago.

Dr. Nakamura nicknamed as Dr. Monster


In short, Jirass is a monster secretly reared by a mad scientist addicted to dinosaurs.

While being raised, Jirass mutated into a monster capable of breathing out a heat ray (not an atomic breath), and it emerged from the lake at last.

Prof. Nikaido who got undisguised and identified himself in front of the SSSP members was accidentally trampled by Jirass.

Jirass had its frill torn off by Ultraman who showed up.

That realized Ultraman vs. Godzilla virtually.

Prof. Nikaido

The costume of Jirass was that of Godzilla with a frill attached to it as you might be aware.

And the battle Ultraman vs. Godzilla was intentionally plotted.

Jirass was acted by Haruo Nakajima, well-known original Godzilla actor.

Ultraman put the torn frill back to the neck of Jirass gently after it was defeated as if he mourned its death.

Prof. Nikaido also died after creeping out of breath toward dead Jirass and continuing to cry its name pitifully.


“‘Mr. Godzilla’ Haruo Nakajima”


Haruo Nakajima attracts widespread popularity as “Mr. Godzilla” worldwide and at the age of 86 now!

We are very much proud of him.

The above is a book written by Mr. Nakajima with the title “‘Mr. Godzilla’ Haruo Nakajima.”

This is a book worth reading.

Reading through, I was amazed at the toughness, both physically and mentally, seemingly unique to the generation who lived through the war.


He says in his book he didn’t become an actor because he wanted to.

He got the job to survive because he had no other particular jobs just after the war.

Spending his days as one of the utility actors with Toho Company, he was selected as an actor for Godzilla along with Katsumi Tezuka.

When Tsuburaya Productions got started with the Ultra Series on TV and he was requested to play the role of the Ultra monsters besides the Godzilla movies, it’s likely he accepted the request willingly by thinking, “Anything for Oyaji-san.”


Oyaji-san means Mr. Big Buddy, which stands for Director Eiji Tsuburaya in this case.

Mr. Nakajima says he was pleased to see Oyaji-san’s TV products have gained popularity.

Looks like Mr. Nakajima taught Satoshi (Bin) Furuya, actor for Ultraman, a lot as the pioneer in suit acting.

Mr. Furuya says jokingly, “The most scary monster was Mr. Nakajima.” 

I wish Mr. Godzilla good health and happiness!!!