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Variations of C Type Head 1


As you can see, the head of Ultra Seven has autographs on its back which are those of Koji Moritsugu, who played Dan Moroboshi, and Akira Sasaki, who sculpted the head of Ultraman and Ultra Seven.

Even the complicatedly designed head of Seven looks so much different only with the shape of the eyes.

Subtle differences make it all the more likely to give a different look to the simply designed head of Ultraman.


The heads of Ultraman, both B and C Type, look adorably beautiful at any rate.

I hear the C Type head used in the shooting still remains somewhere after being detached from the suit deteriorated with age though I’ve never seen it on display in the exhibitions.

After the shooting of all the series of “Ultraman,” it’s said Akira Sasaki duplicated tree pieces of the C Type head from the original mold for Tohl NaritaSatoshi (Bin) Furuya and Akira Sasaki himself in commemoration.


The replica masks shown in the photo above are:

1.  Displayed at the exhibition “Ultraman Art”

2. Owned by Tohl Narita

3. Owned by Satoshi Furuya

The one Mr. Narita had in life is shown in “The Art of Tohl Narita.”

And the one Mr. Furuya has was shown in a TV program, and his memoir also has the picture on the cover.

Even the same C Type head duplicated from the same mold, it’s interesting they really look different.

Voices for Ultraman and Seven

“Alien Mefilas. Go back to your planet right away!”

Ultraman hardly speaks lines unlike Ultra Seven though he lets out unique shouts performed by Masao Nakasone.

The god-like hero was portrayed thoroughly mysterious and dare not speak much.

Ultraman speaks lines only in Episode 1, 15, 33 and 39.

In speaking lines, the voice was acted as below:


Episode 1: Hisashi Kondo (film editor)  Speaking to Hayata.

Episode 15: Koji Ishizaka (narrator) Speaking to kids to encourage them.

Episode 33: Hikaru Urano (narrator) Speaking to Alien Mefilas.

Episode 39 (the last episode): Hisashi Kondo (film editor)  Speaking to Zoffy.


As Ultraman is set to speak by telepathy, the Earthlings couldn’t hear Ultraman talk to Mefilas in Episode 33.

It’s likely Mr. Nakasone was unable to voice Ultraman speaking lines because of the schedule.

It also seems to be explained recently Mr. Nakasone spoke lines for Episode 33 instead of Mr. Urano.

Incidentally, Zoffy was voiced by Mr. Urano.


In the case of Ultra Seven, the voice was always acted by Koji Moritsugu who played Dan Moroboshi including lines and the shouts which sound like “Djuwa!”

It’s said a voice actor was supposed to voice Seven but the shouting didn’t go well.

When Mr. Moritsugu gave it a try, he did a good job.

And it was decided he would voice Seven subsequently.

As Dan is Seven in his own, Mr. Moritsugu should be the right person.

“Let’s get out of here at once!” (“Ultra Seven” Episode 4)

Ultra Eye is gone!


Dan cannot transform back into Ultra Seven without Ultra Eye.

Therefore, cunning aliens always target it.

Why wouldn’t they end Dan to save the trouble of stealing Ultra Eye?

Just forget about it!

It thrilled us to see Dan unable to become Seven with Ultra Eye unavailable.


Dan captured by U-tom

“Ultra Eye is gone!”

This dialogue of Dan when he noticed the absence of it remains in our memory.

U-tom (pronounced as you-tom) appearing in Episode 17 “Underground: Go! Go! Go!” are the life-sized robots which guard an enigmatic underground city.

Dan is captured by them and gets shackled where Ultra Eye is apart from him.

Dan gets it back by bringing it to his side by remote control function of the UG belt.


“This function was only for this time and left unused afterward somehow.

I wish that would have saved Dan the trouble having Ultra Eye stolen or lost.”


Alien Poll

Koji Moritsugu says in his memoir as above.

In Episode 25 “Showdown at 140 Degrees Below Zero,” Dan loses Ultra Eye in the snow field generated by Alien Poll in their plot of “The Third Ice Age.”

Before Dan managed to find out Ultra Eye in snow, Capsule Monster Miclas fought against Gander Alien Poll control.

The monsters of “Ultra Seven” are mostly space monsters used by master aliens as their pawn.

Jiro Satsuma, model for Dan

“I’ll model after this man’s soul and figure.”

I talked about the scene in which Seven holds Koji Moritsugu, actor for Dan, in his arms in Episode 17.

Actually, the one Seven holds is a man named Jiro Satsuma.

Koji Moritsugu played two roles of Jiro and Dan in this episode.

Jiro is a brave young man and the first Earthling Seven met on the earth.


In mountain climbing, Jiro gets suspended in midair on the rope with a buddy.

Seven mutates into human form as vagabond Dan

To save the life of the buddy above, Jiro cuts the rope with a knife and falls down.

Life-sized Seven comes flying there and catches him in midair!

Seven: He cut the rope to save his buddy’s life.

What a courageous young man!

Yes…I’ll model after this man’s soul and figure…


Seven mutates into human form modeling after Jiro.

Thus Dan Moroboshi came into being.

The above is depicted as Dan’s flashback in Episode 17.

In that episode, Jiro, as a coal miner, is caught in a crisis again at a later date and Dan trys to help him out.

Jiro in crisis inside the collapsed coal mine

Dan: He is my alter ego. I’ve got to help him out by all means!


Episode 17 is the very first story of how Dan Moroboshi has come into being which is not talked about in Episode 1.

Mr. Moritsugu says he played Jiro with more passion than Dan for this episode.

Jiro is portrayed impressive and attractive though he appears only in this episode.

Satoshi Furuya as Tai-in Amagi

Satoshi Furuya as Amagi (top left) with caption saying, “Mr. Satoshi Furuya full of hustle”

It is of much interest to learn publications for children of the time turned the spotlight on Koji Uenishi as the suit actor for Seven properly.

The publications also cover Satoshi Furuya as Tai-in Amagi of UG, of course.

The article about him goes like this:



Thanks to fans (strapline)

It is Mr. Satoshi Furuya who is full of hustle saying,’I was picked as the role of Tai-in Amagi thanks to fans,’ 

It means cheers from people he enjoyed as he played the role of Ultraman previously made it possible for him to appear.” 


As you can see, the article deals largely with him. (Even larger than Koji Moritsugu as Dan in the upper middle!)

It has more about Mr. Furuya:

  • He dreamed of becoming a jet pilot in childhood.
  • He bears Shodan (first degree of balck belt) of Karate, is a good first baseman of Toho (movie company) in baseball and good at volley ball as well.
  • He is good in playing the shamisen (three-stringed Japanese musical instrument) and at tap-dancing.

Mr. Furuya said in his talk show he learnt Karate when he was with Toho (movie company) but bears no particular degree.

Anyway, you can see their popularity of the time through all of these.

Dan & Seven were drinking buddies

Mr. Uenishi and Mr. Moritsugu (center) with UG members and Tetsuo Kinjo (screenwriter, far left)

According to the production people of the time, Koji Uenishi was full of hustle as he played the leading part in “Ultra Seven.”

It is likely he was on good terms with Koji Moritsugu as Dan Moroboshi during the shooting period of the product.


Mr. Moritsugu says in his memoir he intentionally spent time with Mr. Uenishi as the relationship between Dan and Seven was important for the product.

He says he often went for a drink with Mr. Uenishi, and the two talked a lot about play or action.

According to Mr. Moritsugu, Mr. Uenishi was quite sincere and built strength very much saying, “The body is the biggest asset.”


In Episode 17, there are scenes in which Mr. Uenishi as Seven holds Mr. Moritsugu in his arms.

I remember what Mr. Uenishi talked about in an interview for a book published, maybe, in the 1980’s.


“Seven is supposed to be mighty enough to hold him up with ease.

But Koji Moritsugu was much heavier than he looked.

I took pains in making it look like Seven holds him up easily.”


Why does Seven hold up Dan in his arms?

I will talk about it later.

Dan’s superhuman ability

You may feel funny when I said I felt, “Seven is drinking coffee!” or something when I saw Dan.

But, in fact, Koji Moritsugu, actor for Dan, says he was in much trouble as he was told to act a spaceman, which is Dan.

Acting a spaceman also gave Satoshi Furuya, actor for Ultraman, a hard time.

Both of them say in interviews they were in so much trouble as they had no example.


I feel Mr. Furuya’s Ultraman succeeded in having the likeness of a spaceman.

And the fact I felt like Seven was drinking coffee or crunching a big rice cracker through Dan means Mr. Moritsugu successfully acted a spaceman (Dan) as well.


In the mean time, Dan has a superhuman ability even without the figure of Ultra Seven.

This is an ability Hayata of “Ultraman” doesn’t have.

Dan’s superhuman ability is … to crunch a big rice cracker? No, It’s not!!!

Dan can exert clairvoyant power and the ability to catch sounds earthlings can’t hear.

And he also has a keener sensibility than earthlings.


Dan’s clairvoyant power is expressed as he gets star-like shines in his eyes for just a moment when in use.

In Episode 2, the whole eyes gleam white, but it is said the expression has never been used since Eiji Tsuburaya complained it looked scaring. (Episode 2 was filmed prior to Episode 1)

I think giving such superhuman abilities to Dan was very much useful in making the drama more attractive.

Dan’s clairvoyant power (Episode 1)

Kaijyu Show

“Pointer” in “Ultra Seven”

In the previous post, I mentioned “Kaijyu Show.”

I myself was not taken to such show in my childhood except the one held in Futago Tamagawa Park in Tokyo. (This park was closed in 1985.)

I don’t remember what was on there.

I don’t remember I met any Kaijyu or heroes there.

Probably the show may not have had many things.

I just remember “Pointer” was displayed there.

Unfortunately, no photo for an unknown reason.

I may have had a photo with me in front of Pointer but it’s missing.

It was sometime in the 1970’s.

Probably around time “Kaette-kita Ultraman” was on TV.

So I must have been around 10 years old.

Autograph sessions with the regular cast of “Ultraman” and “Ultra Seven” were also held and assembled many people.

Koji Moritsugu, actor for Dan Moroboshi who transforms into Ultra Seven, recalls in his memoir he was in trouble being asked by children at the show to transform into Seven with the Ultra Eye (transformation item).

He says most surprizing was an autograph session which was held in a department store in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Too many people got together there and the session was suspended.

He just waved his hand on the rooftop to the people.

It is imaginable how popular “Ultra” was at that time.