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Article about Satoshi Furuya

Twenty questions to Mr. Satoshi Furuya (part of the article)

The “Ultraman Pictorial” shows the covers of “Weekly Shonen (boy) Magazine” or “Bokura (our) Magazine” of the time.

It’s imaginable how much attention Ultraman, the hero no one had seen before, drew from the children.

The pictorial also has another interview with Satoshi (Bin) Furuya, actor for Ultraman.

At the very beginning, he was reluctant to make his name known among the viewers as the man inside the costume of Ultraman.


His insistence on being an actor supposed to play exposing his face made him choose to keep it a secret he’s playing Ultraman.

But, as the voices arose questioning about who’s playing Ultraman, the production people urged him to disclose the identity.

“So popular for the role of Ultraman, 20 questions to Mr. Satoshi Furuya”

“The secret of Mr. Satoshi Furuya gaining great popularity in playing the role of Ultraman!”


After these headers, it makes me smile to see the questions about his favorite food and so on follow.

At any rate, it’s amazing to see the actors’ home addresses were shown publicly in the articles, which is utterly unthinkable today.

Mr. Furuya says in the Q’s and A’s, “(If I get a fan letter,) I will surely write back.”

In fact, he says in his memoir he received an avalanche of fan letters in those days.

I miss the idyllic time!!!

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