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Ultraman Tiga, Dyna and Gaia

Ultraman Tiga

I think it should be so tough to come up with a new design for a new Ultraman.

And the design easily tends to be the one with more decorations added to the original Ultraman.

So the idea of deleting, not adding, adopted for the Ultramans in the Heisei Trilogy is great, I think.

Without excessive decorations, I find each of the design well finished and attractive.

Ultraman Dyna

The Heisei Trilogy has the settings completely separate from the Ultra Series produced in the Showa (era name just before Heisei) Era.

In the Showa Series, the Ultra heroes were set as the Ultra Brothers though such settings didn’t exist in the First Trilogy (“Ultra Q,” “Ultraman” and “Ultra Seven”).

But, in the Heisei Trilogy, the Ultramans are not from Nebula M78, home for the Ultra Brothers.

(Ultraman Leo is exceptionally set to be from Nebula L77 of Leo)

Ultraman Gaia & Ultraman Agul

It’s not clearly described where the Ultramans were from in the drama of the Heisei Trilogy.

But looks like they are the Ultramans the Earth gave birth to.

So they are not aliens.

As shown well in its name, Ultraman Gaia was depicted as something the Earth’s will made substantial.

And, though I’m unfamiliar, the Heisei Trilogy has attractive stories of its own.

It’s understandable that the Heisei Trilogy has ardent fans even today.

Oval-shaped or narrow-cornered eyes?

Ultraman Agul (left) and Ultraman Gaia

“Ultraman Gaia” unusually features two Ultramans which are Ultraman Gaia and Ultraman Agul.

As posted yesterday, Ultraman Gaia was modeled after B Type Ultraman.

And it’s interesting to see that Ultraman Agul has a mouth quite similar to that of Ultra Seven.

As you can see, the entire appearance evokes that of Ultra Seven with the crest like Seven’s Eye Slugger and a lamp on the forehead like Seven’s Beam Lamp though it’s not clearly seen in the picture. (Sorry!)


I find the design of Ultraman Agul attractive enough as well.

Another point that was impressive to me regarding the Heisei Ultramans was the shape of their eyes.

I think most of the Japanese people acknowledge the eyes of Ultraman are oval-shaped.

But, now that you look closer, you’ll be aware that the corner of the eyes are rather narrow.

In fact, Returned Ultraman had the oval-shaped eyes.


The eyes with the narrow and slanting corner of Ultraman had not been imitated since then.

That’s why many people think the eyes of Ultraman just oval-shaped.

But the Heisei Ultramans have the slanting narrow cornered eyes rightly.

This is also the work that makes me feel the producers’ respect for the original Ultraman.

I think it’s a great job which deserves admiration!!!

Ultraman Tiga

Heisei Trilogy of Ultraman

We have a Ultra Series commonly called among the fans “Heisei Trilogy.”

Heisei is a Japanese traditional era name continuing from 1989.

The products are “Ultraman Tiga” (1996-1997), “Ultraman Dyna” (1997-1998) and “Ultraman Gaia” (1998-1999).

“Ultraman Tiga” was produced in 16 years after “Ultraman 80” (1980-1981).

I enjoyed “Ultraman Gaia” with my own children among these.

These three were well-made products through which the production people showed much respect to the First Trilogy, “Ultra Q” (1966), “Ultraman” (1966-1967) and “Ultra Seven” (1967-1968), while developing innovation.

“Ultraman Dyna” is the sequel to “Ultraman Tiga” with the same world settings though Ultraman Gaia” has its own settings completely separate from the first two.

That reminds me of the relationship among the products of the First Trilogy.

In the Heisei Trilogy, what attracted my attention is the design of each Ultraman.

Hiroshi Maruyama, involved in the design art with Tsuburaya Productions at the time, is said to have designed each Ultraman with the idea of “deleting,” not adding something to the original Ultraman as the hollowed head of Tiga shows it clearly.

When seeing Tiga for the first time in publication, the face evoked B Type Ultraman with the narrow mouth.

According to Mr. Maruyama, he designed it modeling after A Type.

Now that it’s mentioned, the flat shape seen from the lower lip and the jaw exactly looks like that of A Type.

“Dyna” was modeled after C Type Ultraman and “Gaia” B Type.

You can see it in the shape of each mouth.