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Yuji Kaida’s Artwork Exhibition 5


Oh, yes! These are pretty nostalgic plastic model boxes with Kaida’s illustrations on them. I think they went on sale sometime in the 1980s released by Bandai when I was a university student.

I used to have the Alien Baltan, Zetton and Ultraman! (The rest of them are Gomora, Peguila and Garamon.)


They also had pouches and bags with kaiju characters printed on them.


Looking at these goods, I can’t resist feeling the greatness of Tohl Narita who designed most of the characters featured here and adored by people.


Oh, there you are, Kanegon! The exhibition gave me the impression that the displays of Kaida’s artwork appeared to be quite scarce for an exhibition, but it was fun anyway.

OK, that’s all I have to say about the exhibition. I hope you have enjoyed my posts!!!

Yuji Kaida’s Artwork Exhibition 4


T-shirts with Kaida’s kaiju illustrations printed on them.


The selling space also had soft vinyl toys of the Ultra Series characters. This one must be the reproduced version of the Marusan Ultraman. (It looks larger than the original, though.)


This one is the reproduced version of the Bullmark’s Windom toy doll as well.

Although it also looks larger than the one we had as a child, the antennas pointing upward look exactly the same as the older one. (I just came up with the possibility of the maker’s considerations of children’s safety to avoid possible injuries by the pointing parts though I’m not sure.)


I found Dodongo and Kanegon, too!


And Garamon! These reproduced version of kaiju toys we had in our childhood seem to be quite popular among fans, not only the realistic ones that have been around lately.

I agree that their adorable appearances have the unique attraction of their own the realistic ones don’t have.

Yuji Kaida’s Artwork Exhibition 3


Kaida’s artwork are hung on the wall and pretty enjoyable, but photography is prohibited as to the artwork unfortunately, so I’ll show you the goods dealt in there.


Stationery goods including plastic document holders with Kaida’s illustrations featured on them are available for sale.


An array of characters we are familiar with.


Kaida’s artwork has seemed to feature the characters of the early Ultra Series centering on Ultra Q, Ultraman and Ultraseven, and his attachment to the classic series is no surprise given he spent his days with them as a kid like me!

Yuji Kaida’s Artwork Exhibition 2


While going up on escalator for a bookstore located on the upper floor, this amazing sight jumped into my eyes utterly unexpectedly. Thank Land of Light!


I found a variety of Ultra Series DVDs and books lined up.


I’m so happy to have found the Booska panel stand illustrated by Kaida as well!

Along with the Type B Ultraman’s pop stand at the top, placing the adorable character unpretentiously will please people who are well verse in the classic Ultra Series as Booska is almost tantamount to another Ultra Series in my opinion.

Yuji Kaida’s Artwork Exhibition 1


When I happened to drop by at a department store in Omiya City, Saitame Prefecture, the other day, I found an art exhibition titled ‘Yuji Kaida and the Ultraman World’ held there by coincidence that was utterly unexpected.

This kind of things have happened to me quite often lately, and I feel like something has attracted me to them as they arise (maybe the Land of Light 🙂 ).

Yuji Kaida is an illustrator known for his artwork related to the Ultra Series.

He also appeared in the NHK’s Ultraman 50th anniversary special aired and I talked about previously. (The man standing beside Alien Metron is Kaida.)

I’ve known his artwork since the 1980s when his illustrations got to be featured on the magazine covers of ‘Uchusen (starship)’ that started being published in those days.

While, regretfully enough, the quarterly issued magazines I had at the time finally ended up getting scattered and lost, Kaida has been a well-known illustrator among Ultraman fans since then.

Recent books I have featuring Kaida’s illustrations on covers

Even now his artwork is often found to be featured on book or magazine covers associated with the Ultra Series.

About 10 years older than me, Kaida is one of the people in the generation enormously affected by the early Ultra Series who directly experienced the excitement in his childhood.

OK, let me show you the photos I took about the exhibition in my next post. (As taking photos of his artwork was prohibited, don’t expect too much!)