Episode Episode 9: Baron Spider
Alias Giant Spider
Height 2.5 meters
Weight 120 kilograms
Homeplace Cape Ishizaki in the suburb of Tokyo
Features Dwelling in an abandoned western style house
Designer Yasuyuki Inoue (Special Art Devision of Toho)
Sculptor Special Art Devision of Toho
Actor None (puppet)

Tarantulas are the giant spiders found in an abandoned western style house Manjome and his fellows wandered into in the woods to shelter from a dense fog one night.

They encountered two Tarantulas in the house while they had to stay overnight there with a man among them who fell unconscious when he bogged down in a  bottomless swamp of the woods.

The house was owned by a man who was there 90 years ago and was known as a spider lover nicknamed ‘Baron Spider.’

Tarantula initially appeared in the lighthouse on Cape Ishizaki

It was implied that the giant spiders were the incarnation of Baron Spider and his beloved daughter.

After the people were attacked by one of the giant spiders and Manjome stabbed it to death with a knife, they tried to flee from the Baron Spider’s House.

While they were attempting to go down the wooden walkway over the deadly swamp frantically, they found the other Tarantula getting closer from behind chasing them.

Manjome and his friends about to stay overnight in the abandoned house

As soon as they hit and killed the Tarantula by a car, they saw the abandoned house break down in flames.

The scenes of Tarantula approaching the car with the people aboard to go at them while the engine wouldn’t start easily is so creepy and horrifying even now when I watch them.

The main cast members say that the interior set of the abandoned house built so elaborately as a movie set was very much impressive to them.

This is a horror story rather than a kaiju show.

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