TDF and UG

UG members in Operation Room

Another characteristic of “Ultra Seven” is a defense team depicted much much more precisely and larger-scaled than SSSP of “Ultraman.”

In the world of “Seven,” the defense team is Ultra Garrison and the Terrestrial Defense Force (TDF).

UG is part of the TDF and its elite team. (The name of “Ultra” comes from it.)

The secret installation of the TDF Far East Base is set as located deep underground near Mt. Fuji with 300 people at work.


Basically, only five SSSP members appeared in “Ultraman” though it is part of International Science Police Organization with the headquarter in Paris.

But in “Seven,” TDF is a militant organization on a global scale for defending Earth from space invaders.

And activities of the TDF members were also depicted precisely along with those of Ultra Garrison.


In case of SSSP of “Ultraman,” only one room where the SSSP members get together is usually shown because the other sets were actually not there.

But, in “Seven,” the Operation Room with lots of the common TDF members at work appeared along with the Staff Office and also Medical Center.

The set of passageways, though partially built, and the Flight Control, though the TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System, which broadcast “Seven”) controlling room was used for it, helped you to learn the scale of the installation.

The nice-looking base of the TDF really made us amazed and excited!!!

Flight Control for Ultra Hawk 1

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