TDF chief, staff officers & member

As previously described, Ultra Garrison belongs to the Terrestrial Defense Force Far East Base in Japan.

The chief and staff officers of the TDF also appear and take command of UG in the drama on a frequent basis.

That successfully makes the drama look more real.


Chief Yamaoka (age 55) heads the TDF Far East Base.

He is a man of military bearing.

But also as flexible as he accepts a suggestion from the subordinates and as warm-hearted as he gives weight to their lives.

He appeared in Episode 1, 5, 25 and the last episodes (48-49).


Staff Officer Takenaka (age 40) often appears in the drama.

He is also a man of dignity but very much considerate of the subordinates.

Kenji Sahara, who also acted Jun Manjome in “Ultra Q,” played Takenaka nicely.


Staff Officer Manabe (age 42) also appears in the drama frequently.

He is scrupulous and always keeps his wits about one.

He makes a hard-headed decision at times but is actually considerate.


Staff Officer Yanagawa (acted by Akihiko Hirata) and Staff Officer Bogarde only appeared in Episode 1.


Captain Kurata heads Space Station V3.

The TDF has three of them, V1, V2 and V3, as the first defense shield for Earth.

Despite bad-mouthing, he is hot-blooded man very much considerate of his men.

He enlisted at the same time as Kiriyama.

Kurata calls Kiriyama “Mole” probably because Kiriyama is with the TDF Far East Base deep underground.

Kiriyama calls Kurata “Villain.”

They are also good rivals.

Kurata and Kiriyama

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