Telesdon design drawn by Tohl Narita

Tohl Narita: (about Telesdon) “I wanted to make a sharp-looking kaiju rather than the one with a sense of heaviness.” (about Underground Human) “I tried to cover the eyes with the underground flower, diamond.”

Telesdon is a kaiju that is truly attractive with its sharply pointed head shaped like a beak and its segmented body that really make it look like a kaiju going its way underground while its rampage shown while marching through the city amidst crossfire in the darkness of night was also very much impressive.

The scene processed with optical compositing of Telesdon viewed from between the buildings was fascinating too.

Telesdon at the Bisen studio; the curve from back to head shown by the side view is very much beautiful

It is said that Telesdon’s head had a core made of FRP underneath the latex placed on the surface that helped to make the head look sharp and rigid, but it seems that the costume was used at stage shows, after the series ended, with the core removed to avoid possible injuries an actor inside might suffer while acting.

It is assumed that the absence of the core caused even intense distortion in the head and neck as the deterioration of the costume occurred, and Detton that appeared in “Return of Ultraman” was “what it used to be Telesdon” after the use of the suit in “Ultra Fight.”

Tetsuo Yamamura says in a book that the Telesdon costume was coated with knitted fabric. He says the suit was used a lot at stage shows because it was easy to get in and to move while he also wore it and performed at stage shows adding that he felt sorry for Telesdon as he found it continued to be used until it got completely worn out.

Underground Human design drawn by Tohl Narita

Reborn Telesdon doesn’t look so much different from Telesdon in appearance as the costume was still “fresh.”

As to Underground Human, it seems that, in the script, they were described as those with featureless faces. While the design by Narita was left unused somehow, Akio Jissoji who directed this episode seems to have been very much disappointed at what the Underground Humans looked like with the stuff he referred to as “something like hanpen,” Japanese food made of fish paste.

I remember the Underground Humans apparently wearing pads over their eyes were not scary at all when I watched the show as a kid.


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