Episode Episode 37: “The Littlest Hero”
Alias Underground Monster
Height 60 m
Weight 120,000 t
Emergence Mt. Oiwa
Homeplace Mt. Oiwa
Features Revived by Geronimon
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Hiroyuki Kiyono

Guided by Reborn Pigmon, the SSSP rushed to Mr. Oiwa where Geronimon seemed to be hiding.

Ahead of Geronimon, they found Reborn Telesdon and Reborn Dorako in the mountains.

Telesdon was originally a monster controlled by the underground humans in Episode 22: Sabotage Terrene.

But they were not involved with this Reborn Telesdon.


Unlike Reborn Dorako, Reborn Telesdon has no distinctive difference from the original one. (In terms of the costume, the neck appears to be bent forward sharply in comparison with the original probably due to deterioration with the passage of time.)

In Episode 22, Telesdon showed up and went on a rampage in the heart of Tokyo at night as the monster is set to hate brightness just like the Underground Humans who controlled the monster.

Reborn Telesdon could be active even in daylight.

Triple Shot
Triple Shot

Although Reborn Telesdon had a skirmish with Reborn Dorako under the moonlight, they stopped fighting when hearing Geronimon’s roar from Mr. Oiwa.

And Reborn Telesdon and Reborn Dorako went into battle with the SSSP.

It was defeated by the Triple Shot with the muzzles of tree Superguns joined among Cap. Muramatsu, Fuji and Arashi.

The Triple Shot hit Reborn Telesdon

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