Episode Episode 22: “Sabotage Terrene”
Alias Underground Monster
Height 60 m
Weight 120,000 t
Emergence Central Tokyo
Homeplace Underground
Features controlled by underground humans; breathing out fire
Designer Tohl Narita
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Kunio Suzuki

Telesdon is a monster that underground humans who live 40,000 meters underground sent to the world above ground to invade it.

It had a mouth sharply pointed forward like a beak which makes it look extremely cool.

It’s assumed to dig its way through the ground with it though it was not depicted in the drama.

It also had a segmented body like a caterpillar.

Both of the above made it look more like an underground monster.


The monster is described as Telesdon in a publication I have at hand.

Given it must have been named in production to make it associated with terrestrial (living in the ground), I think it’d be more fitting should it be spelled as Terresdon.

But it seems to be commonly known as Telesdon in English actually so I’ll follow it.

Telesdon is such a powerful monster that it didn’t care about the napalm attacks by the SSSP at all.

And it rampaged wildly throughout the night streets of Central Tokyo destroying buildings and breathing out fire.


The glowing eyes of Telesdon roaring in dark look so nice.

The underground humans tried to brainwash Hayata they captured so they could make use of Ultraman as the leading soldier for their invasion of the world above ground.

But…don’t worry!  “Ultraman is the offspring of light. As an emissary of justice from Nebula M78 deep in space, even though Hayata fell unconscious, Ultraman has been the superman of the Land of Light!” (narration in the drama)

Regardless of Hayata’s unconsciousness, Ultraman came out of the ground and battled with Telesdon as Hayata and Ultraman are different individuals sharing a single life.

Telesdon died from being slammed into the ground by throwing techniques of Ultraman.

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