Episode Episode 41: The Challenge from the Water
Alias Kappa Monster
Height 38 meters
Weight 8,000 tons
Homeplace Planet Tepeto
Features Looking like kappa; manipulated by Kaiju Tepeto
Designer Noriyoshi Ikeya (based on the design by Susumu Nozaki)
Sculptor Ryosaku Takayama
Actor Unknown

Tepeto is the aquatic biped space monster manipulated by Alien Tepeto.

Just like the alien, the monster also looks like the kappa (literally river kid), aquatic yokai (monstrous demon or imp) that often appear in Japanese folklore or legends.

The cyclops monster with the tiny eye dimly shining in the center of its face came out of the egg that emerged from underwater.

It was a monster that hit below the belt and attacked Ultraseven while pretending to surrender or danced comically.

Tepeto bending the head back and firing a beam attack from the dish plate

After fierce battles with Ultraseven in water, it was severed in half underwater with Eye Slugger at last.

This is an episode featuring kappa, the commonly known yokai character appearing in Japanese folklore as described above.

The kappa is said to have a dish plate on top of his/her head to store water and to lose his/her powers if the water runs out.

The monster also has the dish plate and tried to cool it down when shot with Emerium Beam.

Tepeto pretending to surrender with a ‘help me’ gesture to Ultraseven

In Japan, horror stories featuring yokai or specters were often told in summer to make people feel literally ‘chilly’ in the old days.

This episode originally aired in July may have been meant to chill us.

Along with Guyros of Episode 42, Tepeto was designed (by Noriyoshi Ikeya) based on design drawings publicly collected in the Alien Design Contest held for viewers at the time.

The gold titled design ‘Rotating Cyborg Dikurosureiza’ (Dicrosrazor or something if it’s spelled like English) drawn by a boy named Susumu Nozaki was adopted for the Tepeto design.

Ultraseven searching for diving Tepeto by seeing through water

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