The 7th member

Seven, Annne and Furuhashi (from a publication of that time)

Ultra Seven as the 7th member of Ultra Garrison has a significant meaning.

That makes us feel more familiar with the hero.

He is an associate or a friend of eathlings.

I get a message we can go over differences and get along with each other between earthlings and spacemen.

It is one of the major themes of “Ultra Seven.”

The activities of life-sized Seven should be in the same line.


As described before, Dan is Ulra Seven himself.

Publications of the time also say Dan is the secret identity of Seven and returns to the original figure of Ultra Seven if necessary.

In addition to Seven communicating with Ultra Garrison members, Dan talks, laughs and feels sorrow with them.

He loves the universal peace along with them and shares fun and joy with them.


He has a cup of coffee with them or crunches a big rice cracker in a movie theater dating with Anne. (He even got a warning about the noise from a man in front.)

It was fun to see Seven do all of these as Dan, and I thought as a child, “Seven is drinking coffee!!!” or “Gee! He is crunching such a big rice cracker this time!!!”

That was a charm Ultraman didn’t have as we knew Hayata and Ultraman were different entities.

Ultraman was an absolute hero.

Seven was a hero and an associate at the same time.

Dan crunches a big rice cracker with Anne seeing a movie (Episode 28)

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