The Emergence Of ‘Ultra Kaiju’

Garamon (from ‘Garadama,’ Episode 13, Ultra Q)

Before Tohl Narita joined the production team of Ultra Q, the show was to feature kaijus arranged from Toho kaijus or just a giant version of real-life creatures.

That also tells us that the impact the Toho monsters inflicted on people was extremely enormous to that degree.

And the greatest importance seems to have been attached to how much they could look realistic as gigantic creatures as far as the designing and modeling is concerned.


Meanwhile, Narita designed kaijus that could deserve to be called ‘moving abstract art pieces’ almost completely apart from the kaijus or giant creatures which had been around.

So I personally think it was Narita who brought into being monsters living up to their names as ‘Ultra Kaiju’ in a real sense.

As shown in his ‘3 principles in kaiju design,’ Narita had made it his policy to avoid designing a kaiju in a mere giant form of a real-life creature.


Narita’s concept definitely contributed to giving birth to new kaijus that fit in best with the new tokusatsu TV series.

If the show should have continued featuring kaijus just arranged from Toho monsters or gigantic real-life creatures to the end, it would have fallen far short of gaining such popularity as you see last even today.

Alongside Narita, the people who had sustained the Ultra Series from this point forward took part in the production of the series around the same time, including Ryosaku Takayama (modeler), Samaji Nonagase (director), Toshihiro Iijima (director) and Toru Matoba (SFX director).

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