Ultra full of unexpectedness

Giant Fuji

I hear legendary Director Akio Jissoji said something in life to the effect that:

“The straightforward approach of the other directors enabled Mamoru Sasaki (screenwriter) and me to throw breaking balls at ease.”

Looks like he wanted to do something the others wouldn’t do at any rate almost obsessively.


Other than what might be called the “Spoon Incident” in “Ultraman” stated the day before yesterday, he caused controversy by what might be called the “Chabudai Incident” in “Ultra Seven” as well.

Akiko Fuji is the only girl in the SSSP and she’s really charming.

But she was also sacrificed by the Jissoji way.

She is brought into extraordinary closeup, or it’s shown she chokes on manju (steamed bean-jam bun) and so on.


But not only Director Jissoji is to blame.

In “The Forbidden Words” (“Ultraman” Episode 33) which is written by Tetsuo Kinjo, main screenwriter for the early Ultra Series, she appeared in a plot by Alien Mefilas as a giant who rampages in the street!

It was included as Giant Fuji even in a monster picture book of the time.

Incidentally, the policeman who shoots at Giant Fuji was acted by legendary Haruo Nakajima, well known suit actor for Godzilla.

Ultra is full of uniqueness and unexpectedness!

Haruo Nakajima (center)

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