Last episode of Ultra Q

Sawamura (left) first mistakenly rode on the train to a different dimension. He screams, “Let me off! Open up the doors!” but finally…

You might also be aware that “Ultraman” got started two weeks after the ending of “Ultra Q” in the list of Takeda Hour products.

Actually, “Ultra Q” was set to have 28 episodes from the beginning.

And, unthinkably today, the broadcasting started after all the episodes were filmed.

As posted before, “Ultra Q” was originally plotted as a product featuring incidents caused by enigmatic (super)natural phenomena and humans to solve them with the title “Unbalance.”


Takashi Kakoi, producer of TBS (broadcasting station of the series), decided to make it a series mainly featuring monsters after watching the rush of “Unbalance.”

This change including the title was made after some of the episodes were already filmed.

So “Ultra Q” has episodes of both periods:  the ones featuring just humans and the others featuring monsters.

Mr. Kakoi wanted to broadcast the ones featuring monsters first to make it gain enough popularity.


For its last episode, “Open Up!” was originally scheduled.

But, as it has no monster and was deemed too difficult for children to understand, the broadcasting was put on hold.

So “Open Up!” was broadcast on a rerun of “Ultra Q” for the first time.

It’s a story about a middle-aged man named Sawamura who is exhausted from daily life and a train from another dimension supposed to take him to Shangri-la.

It was a great masterpiece episode and I really love it!

Train of another dimension

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