Mecha of SSSP


The SSSP has a variety of mechanical weapons to attack monsters.

When they attack from the sky or in the sky, the Jet VTOL is used.

As it’s pronounced as “Beetle” in the drama, I had thought it was from a beetle, insect.

But later I learnt it was “VTOL.”


Mini VTOL (Triangle VTOL)

It flies in the air normally but it’s become possible for it to fly in the space with sub rockets attached later.


The model of the VTOL itself was made based on the same wooden prototype for the VTOL which appeared in a Toho SFX movie “Yosei Gorasu.”

It was made by knocking tin.

Tohl Narita in charge of the design works for “Ultraman” was reportedly dissatisfied with the diversion.


The Mini VTOL, also called Triangle VTOL, was designed by Mr. Narita.

Hayata in the Mini VTOL collided with Ultraman in Episode #1 of “Ultraman.”


From the ground, the SSSP members attack monsters with such weapons as Supergun and Spidershot.

In addition, they also have a submarine, underground tank and so on.


Talking about mecha, honestly speaking, the one of “Ultra Seven” may be more attractive.

But the mechanical weapons of the SSSP should have been another attraction for the boys fond of mecha besides Ultraman and monsters. (I was more interested in monsters and Ultraman.)

Above all, a defense team like the SSSP battling with monsters with such latest scientific weapons was not out there before “Ultraman.”

It should be really epoch-making.

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