The Model Of SSSP Japan Headquarters

From Episode 47 (final episode) of Kaiju Booska

As shown in the series, the SSSP Japan Headquarters that appeared in Ultraman looks so quirky that it remains unforgettable while it is shaped like an inverted pyramid.

Given possible attacks from outside, the underground base of the TDF of Ultraseven looks much more realistic, but the modern-looking SSSP building seemingly equipped with cutting-edge technologies was also attractive enough to amaze us kids back then. (And I do love the sort of idyllic depiction of the SSSP and their behaviors.)

Ultraman Episode 11; although the walls look to be slanted inward instead of outward, this room is described as the one of the seminar house

As a matter of fact, it is known that this building was designed by Tohl Narita allegedly on the model of (or inspired by) a real-life seminar house building associated with a university in a suburban area of Tokyo.

While it is also known you can see the inside of the seminar house building in Ultraman Episode 11 where a press conference over the strange meteorite which fell down from space was held as the stone was capable to substantialize someone’s thought (the exterior is a different building).

The set of the SSSP control room used as a satellite observatory in Booska Episode 8

The exterior of the seminar house briefly showed up in Episode 47 of Kaiju Booska as an institute of a scientist funnily named Dr. Kaminari (thunder), and this inverted pyramid shaped building still seems to exist even now.

As you know, the stage set was regularly applied to the interior of the SSSP Headquarters, it is said that the set walls were sloped just like the exterior set of the building although it is unclear through the screen, and they say the slanted walls often made the cast and crew members feel odd.

The SSSP interior set also shortly appeared in Kaiju Booska Episode 8 as a satellite observatory.

SSSP Headquarters design by Tohl Narita

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  1. Dear Booska-san
    Unfortunately, I come to see your blog so late ,Many Post about Ultraman has Comment closed. When I read your Posts about Ultraman I feel happy and joyful Because Ultraman is my most favorite Hero since I was a Kid. Thank once again for your kindness to tell all the Remarkable Ultra story. Now The Ultraman 50th Aniversary is about to pass and The Ultraseven 50th Aniversary are coming . So I Wishing you happiness and prosperity in this New Year by this Silhouetted Ultraman That I’ve designed by my Inspiration after I’ve read your post.

    1. Thank you, pisit-san.
      The image is just fantastic and I do love it as it has features of the Type B Ultraman acted by Bin Furuya with the toes pointing upward and his characteristic Spacium pose!

      The profile exactly looks like the Type B mask including the shape of the eye and the side view of the crest subtly angled down to the projecting upper lip!

      And thank you very much for pointing out the closed comments issue. I was just unaware that comments had been set to be automatically closed in a certain period of time. As I think I have managed to disable the function, comments should be receivable on any older articles now.

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  2. This Building, may be the SSSP Thailand Headquarters. Do you agree with me? (Government Complex Building, Bangkok Thailand )

    1. Wow, amazing! I definitely envy you as you have the SSSP Thailand Headquarters for real!!!
      Thanks for sharing the fun picture!

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