The “Ultraman Treasures” Is Here!

I have finally bought the Ultraman Treasures that came on sale in commemoration of the Ultraman 50th anniversary so that I can enjoy it with my readers.

I think of writing about interesting features of this book in my future posts alongside of a pack of “treasures” that came with it after having a better look through them all.

And now I would like to talk about the mask of Ultraman featured on the cover of the bulky book as it looks a bit different from the mask used in the show while it is apparently the Type C mask of Ultraman.

While it is left undescribed where the mask shown on the cover came from, it looks different from those possessed by Satoshi Furuya and Tohl Narita I posted about before as none of them has eye holes in the eyes (the mask on the cover has eye holes as shown above).

The cover mask may be the same mask as the one shown in the Ultraman Art exhibition I saw in 2012 as it is said to be a replica (from the original mold) made in the 1970s (it has the eye holes).

The point is that the mask on the cover looks more like that of Returned Ultraman or Zoffy instead of the Type C mask of Ultraman as the cover mask has its eyes positioned a bit higher and apart from each other than Ultraman and the shape and size of the eyes also make it look more like them.

Let me talk more about the relationship among the Type C mask of Ultraman, the Zoffy mask and also the Returned Ultraman mask in my upcoming post!

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