The world setting of ULTRA Q

The world setting of ULTRA Q, ULTRAMAN and ULTRA SEVEN is not all the same.

ULTRA Q and ULTRAMAN can be interpreted to be stories in the same world although the settings such as characters are different.

In fact,the same KAIJYU such as RAGON and ALIEN KEMUR-JIN apear in the both series.

But ULTRA SEVEN is about a world totally different from the others.

The world of ULTRA Q itself was not the same at first.
I mean it did not feature KAIJYU at the beginning.

Originally, the shooting of ULTRA Q started as KAIKI series, not KAIJYU series.

KAIKI means chiller.

In the early stage, the series title was UNBALANCE, not ULTRA Q.
The concept was “If the balance of nature collapse”.

The change of the title and series concept is due to intention of TBS,the broadcast station for ULTRA Q.

TBS thought, as EIJI TSUBURAYA famous for GODJILLA SERIES supervises ULTRA Q,why not KAIJYU?

The judgement resulted in success and ULTRA Q marked 30% and over audience rating.

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