Thought-provoking monsters

Jamyra (Episode 23 of “Ultraman”)

The Ultra Series is not always about a world of right and wrong as I said before.

It’s not always just a swashbuckler either.

Though It shows exciting action adventure by all means as long as it features monsters, it contains thought-provoking episodes as well.

Such a variety is one of the major attractions of Ultra.


Come to think of it, monsters may be always the existence which present antithesis to civilized society with Godzilla as a probable representative.

Social science fiction does exist and that may be what allegories are for by nature.

Especially the early Ultra Series has lots of such episodes.

The episodes featuring Jamyra (also seen in the 1969 movie “Midnight Cowboy”) in “Ultraman” and Star Bem Gyeron in “Ultra Seven” should be the representatives.

Both of the episodes are so heavy.


Star Bem Gyeron (Episode 26 of “Ultra Seven”)

Jamyra used to be a human who mutated into a monster on a planet he drifted to as an astronaut.

When he returns to Earth with revenge, a ruthless order is conveyed to the SSSP members to terminate him as a monster despite his sacrifice and contribution to space exploitation.

The episode of Jamyra was produced by Mamoru Sasaki and Akio Jissoji like always.

Star Bem Gyeron flies to Earth from supposedly lifeless Planet Gyeron destroyed by Super Weapon R-1 the TDF launched as a test.

Ultra monsters tell us quite a few things, I suppose.

Anyway, who are real monsters?

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