TODOLA (making)

This snapshot is explained to have been taken in the Toho storage where the costumes of King Kong used as Goro in Ultra Q and Todola returned from Tsuburaya Productions can be found (with junior high student visitors?)

While Todola was a kaiju featured in “Ultra Q” before Tohl Narita got involved in designing kaijus for the series, there is almost nothing to say about the kaiju that was a mere giant form of a sea lion as his name was just based on the combination between todo (sea lion) and la, sort of a suffix that often follows a kaiju’s name.

As I described in my Kaiju Pictorial article on the character (linked as above), Todola was based on Magma, the kaiju that appeared in the 1962 Toho movie “Gorath” by having whiskers added to the costume.

It is said that the script of this episode had been written by Hiroyasu Yamaura when the show was being planned as “UNBALANCE,” the planned predecessor of “Ultra Q,” and it was rewritten by Tetsuo Kinjo into the final script on the occasion that Takashi Kakoi decided the series to be produced as a kaiju series instead of dealing with only mysterious phenomena as previously planned for “UNBALANCE.”


Therefore, chances are that this episode was not planned to feature any kaiju in it initially and that Todola was a character added to it when the script was rewritten by Kinjo. So this episode is described in a book on Ultra Q as the one that ended up being left at the mercy of the transition from “UNBALANCE” to “Ultra Q.”

Actually, Magma also seems to have been the kaiju abruptly added to “Gorath” as Toho requested Eiji Tsuburaya to make a kaiju appear in the movie since it features tokusatsu by Tsuburaya.

It is explained that Magma was the first kaiju FRP was used for as a material (for his tusks) while Keizo Murase came up with the idea of using the material and that Eiji Tsuburaya admired the tusks saying, “Where did you find out such ivory?” And it seems that Tsuburaya looked so happy when he was told it was the new material.

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