Episode Episode 27: The Disappearance of Flight 206
Alias Four Dimension Monster
Height 30 meters (fang length: 11 meters)
Weight 25,000 tons
Homeplace Four-dimensional universe
Features Giant seal
Sculptor Remodeled from a Toho monster
Actor Yukio Fukutome

Todola is the monster found living in the four-dimensional space that appeared all of a sudden above Tokyo.

Flight 206, Japan’s first supersonic passenger aircraft, with Manjome and Ippei aboard slipped into the space on their return trip from Hong Kong where pilot training sessions were held.

With the other passengers including a vicious criminal, Taro Orion (Nadao Kirino who was to play Keronia’s human form in Ultraman), arrested in Hong Kong on board with a detective, they wandered into the mysterious universe.


When Manjome, Ippei and the pilots got out of the plane threatened by Taro at gunpoint, they found remains of wartime fighter planes that probably went missing in action.

After Taro died in a fight with Manjome by being sucked in under a smoke, Todola emerged and started approaching Flight 206 with roars.

While the pilots were injured by stray bullets fired by Taro, Manjome and Ippei managed to fly the passenger plane and to leave the four-dimensional space before Todola came at the airliner.

Todola was blown off with the jet from the nozzles and disappeared.

Taro Orion (what a frumpy nickname…)

After Flight 206 took off, the four-dimensional universe that looks like a cloud also vanished into thin air (I quite love these SFX scenes with a handmade feel that look great).

Todola is the monster remodeled from South Pole Monster Magma that appeared in the 1962 Toho movie ‘Gorath.’

The name Todola came from todo, Japanese word for sea lion while the monster is just described as Giant Seal in the play.

Todola seems to be a monster hastily applied to this episode that was primarily to feature no monster while being produced as one of the UNBALANCE episodes before it was turned into a kaiju series as Ultra Q.

Flight 206 flown by Manjome and Ippei heading for a swirl seemingly connected to the three-dimensional universe

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