Tohl Narita And Ryosaku Takayama 1

The final version (left) and the primary version of Peguila drawn by Tohl Narita

When looking at the design of Garamon drawn by Tohl Narita, it makes us aware the drawing looks a bit different from the costume with a lovable feel added to his design.

Such an aspect should be ingenuity performed by Ryosaku Takayama who modeled the costume.

Narita also says in his art book that, when he joined the production members of Ultra Q, he found they had no one in particular to place a costume order with.

Enlarged image of the heads in the final (left) and primary version

So Narita writes he had Takayama make Peguila first as he had known Takayama since they once met.

While Peguila was initially designed by Yasuyuki Inoue, Toho Special Art Division, and redrawn by Narita, it looked more ferocious in the stage of the design drawing.

But the costume of Peguila finished by Takayama also looks somewhat lovable.

The horn that can’t be found in the drawing seems to have been attached to the monster when being modeled by Takayama.

Peguila illustrated by Narita

Incidentally, whereas the primary design of Peguila allegedly based on the draft drawn by Inoue has flippers, Narita wanted it to have feather-covered wings like birds as shown in the final version of the design.

Narita and Takayama, however, had to settle for making wings of strips of latex after all probably to save time.

As Narita seems to have liked the feather-covered version of Peguila, the kaiju illustrated by Narita in later years has bird-like wings.

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