Tohl Narita and Ultraman

The sky I shot. Not Mr. Narita’s painting

To Tohl Narita, Ultraman should be his soul and also his pride.

Accordingly, Ultraman remains shining even now.

His design of Ultraman and Ultra Seven became the standard in style for heroes after that.

It is an undeniable fact that it affected Tokusatsu heroes other than Tsuburaya.

Such as “Spectreman”, “Silver Kamen Giant”, “Iron King”, “Thunder Mask” and so on.

I am reluctant to talk about this but Mr. Narita were not pleased with the Ultra heroes created after his design although he writes somewhere, “It’s none of my business.”

Ultraman should be his soul and pride as an artist.

He often painted clouds.

I like his painted clouds and blue sky.

I feel it is similar to the clouds and sky I saw in my childhood.

The sky boundlessly high.

As high as dreams.

Freedom of clouds.

Boundless possibilities.

Dreams spread.

Tohl Narita must have been a person who kept the purity of his soul.

His paintings show the freedom.

That helped him create Ultra heroes and Ultra Kaijyu.

Within the format of broadcasting an episode once a week, it must have been quite a task to design a new Uktra Kaijyu.

Children of my age were waiting in excitement for them every week.

What fun it was!!!

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