Tohl Narita Joined Ultra Q

One of the Garamons (from ‘Garamon Strikes Back,’ Episode 16, Ultra Q)

While we perceived, as a child, that Ultra Q had episodes featuring kaijus and none of them, there was no way to know that the series included the episodes produced as UNBALANCE back then.

It was in the 1980s that I learnt about UNBALANCE when the Ultra Series started being reevaluated in Japan.

Tohl Narita writes in his art book that he was asked to visit the Tuburaya Productions in spring of 1965 while he heard they would need his help as the shooting of Ultra Q had made little progress because of the vulnerability of art production.


He says, after he was informed that Ultra Q was to mainly feature Toho kaijus (he put it this way) and the first half of the series, 13 episodes, had finished being shot, he was requested to join them for the production of the other half, the remaining 13 episodes (it turned out to be 15 episodes after all).

He also writes that he talked them into allowing him to design kaijus on his own instead of using Toho monsters and embarked on the tokusatsu design along with Keisuke Suzuki as his assistant on condition that he would get to be assisted by Suzuki.


And Narita’s participation in Ultra Q, as the result, made the latter half of the series look outstandingly distinctive from the first half with his absolutely attractive kaiju designs.

Narita recollects in the same writing of  his art book quite excitedly as below:

“At any rate, it was an amazing time of tokusatsu art. The tokusatsu art got to create the hero, minor parts, the villain and the stage.”

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