Tohl Narita’s concept arts for “Ultra Seven”

According to Tohl Narita, he was informed in advance of modifying a used car available in the market place for Pointer.

Pointer has no final design on paper (like Ultraman) because the design depended on which car should be modified.

So, after the car was decided, he created Pointer by going to an auto garage and  giving them instructions for modification on site,

It is as expected from a sculptor, I think.


Looks like he was thinking of giving Pointer blue lines first in accordance with Ultra Hawk 1.

But he gave it black lines finally instead as he thought blue lines would make it look vulgar.

It is likely he took pains over how to make a used car look cool enough.

I think the black lines make it look more stylish to be sure.

In my impression, Pointer looks cool markedly among the defense team cars through all the Ultra or Ultraman Series.


Tohl Narita played an important role as what is now called concept artist for the whole product of “Ultra Seven.”

So he designed from the equipment such as Ultra Hawk to the costume for UG.

He worked on the marks of TDF and UG as well.

As to the design of Hawk 1, he diverted the design for  “Aerial Battleship,” which was an unproduced Toho movie, to Hawk 1.

Image of Pointer by Tohl Narita

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