Tohl Narita’s unwillingness


According to the memoir of Satoshi (Bin) Furuya, actor for Ultraman, Teruo Aragaki, a kaiju suit actor, played, say, Jamyra to express the monster’s feeling to change back into a human.

Jamyra is a tragic monster. No. It’s not a monster actually.

Design drawing by Tohl Narita

“It’s not a monster. It…No, He is a human like us.” (From a dialogue in the episode)


It’s set as a monster an astronaut of a certain country mutated into on another planet he drifted to by a rocket in the midst of competitive space exploitation.

Then Jamyra returns to Earth with hostility to all the human beings.

Jamyra is the monster to appear in “My Home is the Earth” (“Ultraman” Episode 23) directed by Akio Jissoji and written by Mamoru Sasaki.

It’s likely Tohl Narita was unwilling to design Jamyra as it looks like a deformed human body which runs counter to his three principles of monster designing.


When, thrilled with the design of Jamyra, Mr. Jissoji asked Mr. Narita to give over the design drawing to him, it’s likely Mr. Narita gave it to him with no stint.

It’s said Mr. Jissoji felt like Mr. Narita didn’t like Jamyra.

In “My Home is the Earth,” the presence of Tai-in Ide hesitant to attack Jamyra, who usually plays a role of a clown, is outstanding.

Tai-in Ide

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