Transition from Redman to Ultraman

From “Tohl Narita Art Book”

As in the previous post, Tohl Narita’s design of Redman was still more like a monster.

It was getting simplified and reached the design of Ultraman as you see today.

There are voices doubting it has become so much popular if the hero should have been like Bemular or Redaman.

I doubt it, too.


As I wrote before, Tohl Narita really had a hard time in designing Ultraman.

You can see his efforts in the transition of the design.

It is said the transition reflects opinions of TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) which broadcast “Ultraman” in succession of “Ultra Q.”

They are likely to have demanded something more simple and having more impact.

It is said, bringing broadcasting of the SFX drama in the US into view, the TBS people thought it could not be accepted in the US if the hero should remain as it is.

Then, they wanted it to look more like an enigmatic iron mask.


Through trial and error, Mr. Narita came to a standstill in the hero’s design on paper.

He finally got down to molding the mask together with Akira Sasaki, giving up designing on paper.

So there is no final design of Ultraman on paper.

That proves Mr. Narita is a real sculptor, I think.

From “The Art of Tohl Narita”

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