Transition of Alien Baltan

Tohl Narita seemingly said in life he had nothing to say about Alien Baltan because he designed it as instructed by Mr. Iijima.

It’s interesting to see the Alien Baltan become so much popular and regarded as a representative Ultra monster.

It’s also explained Baltan was newly molded, not recycled from Cicada Man.

But the head of Alien Baltan looks just like that of Cicada Man basically.


In “Ultraman,”Alien Baltan appears three times in total.

It shows how popular the alien was already at the time.

It’s known among fans Baltan II (Episode 16″Science Special Search Party into Space”) was modeled by Akira Sasaki who modeled the mask of Ultraman.

It’s said it was decided a new suit was going to be modeled as the one of the first Baltan was in such a bad condition for further use.


Mr. Sasaki says he tried to make Baltan II look more like the design drawn by Mr. Narita.

It looks more slim than the original Baltan and looks so cool!!!

I prefer Baltan II to the first, if anything, though the first is attractive enough.

In Episode 16, it’s fun to see the newly modeled Baltan battle with B-type Ultraman.

As to Baltan III (Episode 33 “The Forbidden Words”) which disappears at once in the drama, it was just the repainted Baltan II.

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